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Why would you want an enclosure?

In our experience, native and introduced animals find human food just as edible as we do, hence you never end up with beautiful juicy strawberries or red ripe tomatoes.

What can we offer?

Delicious Gardens can offer small to very large scale enclosures. Most enclosures are not pre fabricated as they need to suit the location and terrain of the garden. We can construct them out of wide range of materials e.g. treated pine, galvanised steel, recycled timber, poly pipe, chicken wire, bird netting etc. In most cases materials are based on the client's specifications.

Shapes can vary from a simple poly hoop frame, large rectangular prism, to a very complex multi bayed Mandala permaculture garden.

We are happy to service clients NATIONWIDE.

Contact us for and enquiry or quote.


Call or email us at: info@deliciousgardens.com.au or 0439 456 356

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