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Kangaroo Valley enclosure

Berry Raised garden







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Kangaroo Valley Enclosure

Kangaroo Valley enclosure

"Mark McLennan of Delicious Gardens built a covered garden for me in 2010.  Prior to this I had constant problems with wombats, wallaby's, possums and birds.   It is now a great pleasure to be able to grow my vegetables and know that we can enjoy the product of our hard work.   Mark did a very good job such that no pests have since gained access to my garden." Angus Kennedy,  Kangaroo Valley

Berry Raised garden

Berry raised garden

We always wanted a small vegetable garden that we could enjoy and teach our daughter about growing our own food. Mark was very efficient in submitting a quote and completed the job in a very short period of time. Special considerations were given to how safe it should be for our young daughter. The garden beds met every expectation that we had. We're looking forward to Mark returning in the future to create the perfect chook shed!"


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